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Maximum visuality, durability and usability with modern equipment in all designs

CARBUS DİZAYN OTOMOTİV has many years of experience in the field of car construction and design and, among other things, the company has been in cooperation with many European companies since 2018.

The company has a strong production capacity spread over 2500 m2 of floor space.

With the latest technology and high-quality products, CARBUS DİZAYN OTOMOTİV brings the best conditions for the joy of cooperation.

CARBUS DİZAYN OTOMOTİV specializes in customizing people carriers, including handicapped vehicles and school coaches. Well-known manufacturers such as Mercedes Iveco Fiat & Ford serve as the basis for the conversion.

CARBUS DİZAYN OTOMOTİV is proud to be able to offer you the HIGH Class with a variety of options in the V-Class area. By using the finest materials, the interior of the V-Class is transformed into a comfortable, luxurious private sphere. Great individuality is possible in the passenger compartment with seats for 2,3,4,5 or 6 people. In the first step, CARBUS DİZAYN OTOMOTİV seat rails are installed, which allow more legroom for all models. In the second step, the Mercedes-Benz upholstery is replaced by CARBUS DİZAYN OTOMOTİV leather, thus rounding off the overall picture.

By comprehensively changing the insulation with noise-reducing materials, the interior is noticeably quieter, which is noticeable while driving.

The flexible Mercedes-Benz seats, which are upholstered with elegantly quilted CARBUS DİZAYN OTOMOTİV leather, enable a variety of seating positions and make the vehicle something very special.

On request, we can install electric and air-conditioned CARBUS DİZAYN OTOMOTİV seats with 10-point massage and lumbar support, which are integrated into our unique floor system.

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As Carbus Dizayn, we work with expert and professional teammates.
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Based on the definition that quality is the best strategy for success, we work by combining quality tools and materials with quality workmanship and designs.